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Three Bedroom House Plan Designed To Be Build In 90 Square Meters

In view of today’s economic status quo, many families face difficulties in building their own house. While the cost of living tremendously soar to the ceiling, their capacities to own one is becoming slimmer. Nevertheless, they resort to other means to award themselves with a shelter. In order to assist the home buyers. The perspective itself is more than enough to sell this house design to any family. A single story home design, the floor area measures 90.0 m² with 10.5 meters frontage and 8.57 meters long. Because of the housing legal requirements of 1.5 meters setbacks, the house requires 244.0 m² lot to build. A property lot of 17.0 x 13.50 meters seems big, however, free spaces all around are useful for other purposes.

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  1. Good after noon sir. Thank you for contacting Strategic builder. The given specifications above are not detailed enough. The costs of any given type of structure will depend on certain factors forexample the size of the rooms, the terrain of the site, the site location and the materials to be used for construction. All these will affect the final cost of any building structure. Different people can be having diferent buildings covering the same square meters but with different total costs because of the factors outlined above. However, generally, such a building (covering 90 sq meters) will cost you between 50,000,000-60,000,000 and this covers the foundation, walling and roofing. When it comes to finishes, different kinds of finishes will also give you different total costs. Some finishes are more costly than others and the total cost will depend on the clien’s choice. This also applies to other elementsof construction like doors, windows, plumbing works, Electrical works and external work( like land scaping,septic tanks, manholes and soack way pit)


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