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Single Story House Plan For 106 Square Meters

Single-story house with a large hipped roof. With gable on the front patio this is a welcoming area for visitors. Outside wall is light color. Brick bottom brick look no less dimension. The surrounding houses are decorated with clear glass walls, black borders for good air circulation. It also helps in diffusing light from the outside to reach the house […]


Remodeling stainless Steel Countertops

Look inside any restaurant kitchen and you’ll see stainless steel worktops everywhere. Impervious to heat and virtually indestructible, stainless steel is a countertop material designed for serious cooks. (And, in recent years, stainless has infiltrated just about every surface in the home kitchen.) Does this translate into the ideal work surface for you? Read our primer […]


Transparent Aluminum

For decades, chemical engineers have dreamed of a material that combines the strength and durability of metal with the crystal-clear purity of glass. Such a “clear metal” could be used to construct towering glass-walled skyscrapers that require less internal support. Secure military buildings could install thin transparent metal windows impervious to the highest-caliber artillery fire. […]


(About) Hilton Hotel, Kampala

The building owned by Aya Investments Limited, stands on a 14 acres site, that was previously occupied by the state’s television stations. The elevation of the site is approximately 4,070 ft. above sea level and this makes it the highest points in the city. As of April 2012, the total construction bill for the property […]

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