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August 10 2017 0Comment

Living room ideas…

When some one visits your home, or the opposite the first place you usually welcome is the living room. This space is set up for conversation, connection, relax. These are 20 of many living room ideas that we have selected to share with you. Hope you will enjoy this post.  

August 08 2017 0Comment

Single story house plan raised from the ground

This house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 190 square meters of living area The outside walls control white tone. Include woodwork at various points, such as partial walls, house poles and exterior ceilings. Transparent glass walls are installed in large numbers

August 01 2017 0Comment

Double story residential house…

This outline is a Double Story House with 4 rooms including the servant’s room. Ground floor is the space for family’s front room, eating with worked in bar, kitchen and servant’s room. Going into this house will lead you to the eating with bar and the living region. The second floor of this two story […]

July 25 2017 0Comment

This house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 158 square meters of living space (28 photos)

The house is half floor. Roof shack The house level play looks striking, exterior walls use smooth white. Decorated with bright red lacquer. The front porch welcomes for guests. The home is simple decoration. The walls are gray in color. The floor is covered with light colored tiles. Make the house look brighter and wider, while the ceiling is set to light up […]

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